Up In The Air

We are on our way. Nicholas is next to me watching a movie. I slept some. He did not. It almost feels like a quite moment to reflect except the air system sounds to me like we are inside a tornado. So I write.

I wanted to share the heart of the Case for the Brace for me. Nick really nailed this when he called the brace “reverse amputation”. Of course amputation can not be reversed in any real way but he feels it is that because that was on his radar. To me it still fits because what the brace does it take the high tech prosthesis principles and apply them to a brace.

Essentially it let’s Nicholas have a prosthesis and have his foot.

If you know the journey he has been on that is everything.

It’s like both options in one. It’s the embodiment of the “there’s no right or wrong choice”,  line we heard but didn’t feel.

I don’t know if this option could eliminate surgery for some kids but I have to wonder. Nick has done all the lengthening he will need so I feel like he is very ready for this. He is not kid size and I am fairly certain that helps too since I have not heard of anyone younger than a teen having it yet.

His amazing attitude helps as well. He is just so positive and that makes me so hopeful. Even though we are literally up in the air I don’t feel like the outcome of this journey is. I feel very grounded and positive today. Maybe taking steps in what feels like the right direction alone does that.

Thank you to all our friends who helped us get to the point where we could actually be on a plane heading to Hanger in Gig Harbor Washington! Thank you Jen and family for sheltering us when we arrive. Thank you Reid Boyce Nichols for your support. Thank you friends for the offer’s to help with the kids at home. Thank you all for your support and encouragement.


This post was written in the air (not sure what time… or time zone) and posted from the ground. Nick is already sound asleep and we have had a really lovely day and evening in Seattle.

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