A Strange Thing

A Strange Thing

I am sharing the above video because the song A Strange Thing is a favorite and popped up unexpectedly in my life this week. I thought it worth sharing.

Christopher had to have blood work done on Friday. He has a neuromuscular thing going on and we don’t know what it so we are investigating. Chris was so so brave during the blood draw. He barely winced! Later at dinner I was telling everyone how amazing he was. His responses was:

“Mom all I did was think of that song you used to play everyday about the needle.”

I was blown away. A Strange Thing was really my calm down song. On mornings driving to school or anywhere really. It set a great tone for day. I’ve been playing it for a couple of years but I wondered if it really stood out to him last spring when Nick had surgery. I am not sure but he is not the first Curley kid to notice the song. Bess used to request the needle song on the way to preschool.

Now I know I am not as big a music fan as some people but Flagship Romance’s music just speaks to me. I have had the pleasure of seeing them live a few times and I think I need to bring the kids the next chance I get. I am so grateful that my little guy had Shawn and Jordan’s words to ease his mind in a hard moment. Being able to help himself is a powerful thing. Christopher is only 8 years old! I think he is remarkable. This is only one of the ways I think he is remarkable though!

Chris needs another blood draw today so maybe I will sing to him. Maybe not. I don’t want to mess with what works. And my voice, to be honest the kids at times have had to ask me to please stop singing. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t because for me it’s about the feeling I get when singing and not whether or not someone else can enjoy hearing me. Poor kids!