Impatient, Emotional and Hopeful

It’s all about the feelings today and I am feeling them all. Nicholas is only feeling excited. He is ready to pack his bags to head to Washington for this:

Here is some more info on it’s creator and why we have to go to Washington:

“The inventor waived his right to the patent, gave it to the military. That’s the type of person he is.” Ryan smiles at the mention of it. “Even though I developed it, I’m involved with the purchasing of the very device that I developed, so that’s how the patent works, yeah.” But his role in this next phase of the IDEO, in both the military and civilian worlds is crucial. Because right now only Ryan knows how to custom-tailor each IDEO. He takes into account a patient’s specific injuries and strengths and then specially designs and tweaks everything, the carbon-fiber mold and struts, adjusting the thickness, stiffness, even the feel of it. “Each one of them is like a fingerprint.”

The original goal of this brace was to reduce pain and restore mobility. Those two things happen to be exactly what my son needs now. Right now. Yesterday actually. 

At the moment we are waiting on paperwork from Sinai to get to Hanger and then from Hanger to our insurance company. Our insurance company has been surprisingly helpful and seems to want Nicholas to have this. Hanger seems to be in plan for us and since we have met the in plan out of pocket maximum for the year it could be covered. “Could be” because it is durable medical equipment which is covered kinda different.

So I am impatient to get the ball rolling, emotional imaging what this could do for Nicholas and hopeful that we will make it happen. This is my new mission. This is the next right thing. We just need to start.



4 thoughts on “Impatient, Emotional and Hopeful”

  1. You have gotten farther than me. I sent Ryan the walking video and he responded I would hear from someone next week.
    I see Dr. Nelson on Aug 29 so I doubt I can get an authorization from him before then. I don’t think he’s in the office right now.
    I want to run it by him just in case I’ve overlooked a possible problem.
    Wow– I’m impressed you got the dr. Script already and your insurance will pay for it.
    Keep us updated on it.


    1. We didn’t get the script yet but since I called insurance to ask questions they seem to have assigned someone to Nick’s case. Hopefully I will have the things we need soon so we can proceed!


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