“In times of war we have huge medical breakthroughs. I think this will be one of them. They’re manufacturing miracles there at BAMC.”

Since writing this post years ago a boy with fibular hemimelia was able to get an IDEO and it has changed his life. I set videos of Nick walking to Ryan who is now at Hanger in Seattle. I don’t know if we will pursue it or if we will be able to but I am wondering if this might be the long term answer we need! I also don’t know if our insurance will pay for it but if we think it is the answer will find a way.

No Fibula No Problem

People have always said that medical advancements often or mostly come from wartime. I’ve always been a grateful citizen in terms of appreciating the sacrifice the members of the armed forces and their families make! Reading about friends whose husbands deployment has turned them into single parents is heart breaking and inspiring at the same time. Never mind what these soldiers do.

Now the medical advancement factor is hitting so close to home. You can read a little about it below and check out the blog post but Time has a great article from last week’s issue. You cant read it on line unless you are a subscriber. I would bet your local library has the article.

Honestly it made me cry. The way they described a soldiers leg having a stiff ankle and lacking muscle sounded a lot like Nicks. Joe at Lawall in Harrisburg told me when he…

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One thought on ““In times of war we have huge medical breakthroughs. I think this will be one of them. They’re manufacturing miracles there at BAMC.””

  1. Its incredible what the prosthetic people are doing in San Diego, CA to help soldiers get back on the field. I would like to see our limb surgeons partner, and include the military doctors, in their conferences. For me, its frustrating to know that because I’m not a service person I cannot take advantage of the advances that are being made by doctors two hours from my house. But my current orthotics guy said if I would bring the info to him, he would see if his people can duplicate it, but I think a “duplicate” would allow for limited functionality compared to the IDEO. Ryan’s FB site has people saying the IDEO is a life changing device for them.
    I’ve heard that Ryan is opening an office in Florida. Isn’t that closer to you than Seattle, WA? :-).
    Dr. H. and Dr. Standard may already be familiar with the IDEO. ??
    The next LLRS conference 2017 is in San Diego, CA. Is it too much to hope for that they include the military surgeons in this conference?
    It’s possible that’s why the last LLRS conference in SC a week ago included Trauma Surgeons, but I”m not sure. Is “limb salvage” the correct term for correcting limb deformities, whatever the cause, with both surgery + AFO’s or orther cutting edge prosthetic devices, like IDEO’s. ?


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