The Next Right Thing

It is hard to believe we are mid summer or past mid summer! Things have been a little crazy. Sometimes you don’t get the summer you expect and that’s life.

I neglected to mention in my previous posts that Nicholas is not the only one on crutches. On July 4th Steven got hurt at our communities annual Games on the Green. It happened during a game of tug of war. He was one of three men injured.

Steven had a fracture in his tibia and ligament damage that we are grateful is not a tear. He will heal but he has to take it easy. Steven is not good at that. Within days of his injury he was up loading the dish washer and doing laundry. He can’t be still for too long. Luckily Nicholas takes after me and does not have this issue. Imagine all his recoveries if he had a hard time sitting still!

On to Nicholas….

I have the most amazing chiropractor in the universe. We shall call her Dr. T. She is a gifted person in many ways and I trust her implicitly. Nick happens to be friends with her husband. He is one of those people who cares and connects and was one of the first people to text me when Nick was in the hospital for this last surgery to see how he was. We love him. We shall call him Mr. J. I don’t like writing about people outside the FH world without permission so they will be “anonymous-ish” but only to those not from our community I suspect!

Anyway Mr. J and I  were talking about Nick before my last appointment and I expressed my sadness in not knowing where we go from here and Dr. T walked in and said “bring him in, there are things we can try” and a flicker of hope sparked in my heart.

On Monday Nick had myofascial release and cold laser therapy. These are things I had never heard of but I trusted Dr. T.’s suggestion. Nick had no pain during treatment and was really happy I think to be doing something! In the days since he said his pain has been less and he has even been misplacing his crutches around the house because he does not always use them. He’s been doing more. We all feel hopeful.

A wise friend shared something with me that her children’s pediatrician shared with her that applies to just about everything…”One of two things will happen. Either it will get worse or it will get better”. If it gets better we great, if not we deal with it.Only time will tell which it will be for Nick’s foot. All we can do is whatever the next right thing is based on where we are.

Nicholas wants to keep his foot as long as he possibly can. I want to support his choice as much as I possibly can. This is only hard for me because pain stopping him from living his life is not an acceptable outcome and it seems to me that to him at times it is an outcome he would accept to have his foot. As a parent I have to honor his choice. What a journey!

So next we will try a new brace based on Nick’s ideas and whatever the brace guy can finagle. We are not giving up. We are never really giving up. Just moving on to the next right thing, whatever that may be.

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  1. That’s great advice! I think the hardest thing to learn is that we can only deal with what’s in front of us and to stay there, not in the worry, but the next steps. Love to the whole Curley Family!


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