The Stream of Destiny

We are all little pebbles in the stream of destiny. To change destiny we have to gain mass (other pebbles joining us) to move the stream in a different direction. An example is Martin Luther King, he wanted to change destiny for people of color so he started to gain mass which changed the stream of destiny. Donald Trump is trying to gain mass for the opposite purpose but people are holding him back in the stream because he is doing the wrong thing.

This is the philosophy of Nicholas recounted as well as my memory will allow from a conversation we had a week or so ago. Nick also noted that he and I gained mass in the stream of destiny through my sharing his story and creating the Fibular Hemimelia and Limb Lengthening Awareness Facebook Group. Nicholas is really proud of the positive impact he has created. One pebble… many ripples in the stream and quite a bit of mass as the group has grown so much! In fact he got to hear first hand that a family at RIAO today was there because of the group. It’s a beautiful thing!

Nicholas had a good visit with Dr. Standard. His foot is healed however he is still having pain. We are working on coming up with non surgical ways to manage it for now. Nick has brace augmentation ideas of his own. I am not sure that we will be able to do it. I am not sure about a lot of things except I know that Nicholas will have a good outcome. However we have to get him there he will. Dr. Standard will do whatever it takes and so will we.

We spent time with several fibular hemimelia families today which I love! Seeing other children at various points in the journey reminded me of Nick at those ages and stages. Now my boy is growing into a young man and somehow amazes me more and more as he does so.  He is so brave and strong. He is beautiful and kind. I am so fortunate to be his mom and in the stream of destiny beside him.