The word of the day is BREAK. Today is the first official day of summer break however Nick’s began on Monday at a RIAO appointment when we learned, as I suspected that he had a broken bone in his foot. In case the film is not clear enough Dr. Standards handy drawing illustrates it quite clearly.

Nick’s above break happened while playing “basketball” in the pool with Steven. I say “basketball” because it was some kind of crazy wrestle basketball game in which Nick smashed his foot into the side or bottom of the pool.

The swelling after and constant pain let me know it was broken. I was a little overzealous in my excitement at RIAO when learned I was correct about this and it appeared to some that I was happy Nick had a broken bone. Dr. Standard offered a quick save and stated that a break was better than a sprain because it will heal faster. Dr. Standard is such a hero and I was honestly just happy to be right. I appreciate the little things in these moments. That makes me a hero too.

Of course the real hero is always Nick who takes it all in stride. 

So Nick is in another cast. Another cast. Family Cast Tally Total for 2016: 6, I think. I am actually not even sure between Nick and Charlotte how many they have had.

In other foot news Nick’s foot was not happy about weight bearing prior to the new break. I am concerned about that but trying to just be in the moment, let him heal form this break and then see. He did get an AFO recently but he needs it adjusted which we can’t do till this break is healed. It would just hurt too much.

The bottom line is this summer break which we had hoped would be a stage of freedom from foot stuff is not panning out that way. I am still hopeful that this will heal and maybe Nick’s whole foot will enjoy the break from weight bearing and feel better about weight bearing when this cast is removed. Anything is possible. Only time will tell.


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  1. ah, my dear… life keeps on being what it is, doesn’t it… sending love… but you guys keep rolling!


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