An optimist, a skeptic, and a realist…

An optimist, a skeptic, and a realist are in a doctors office… Actually there were two optimists. One person was a child who has had 15 surgeries on his right leg. Another was his mother. Of course his orthopedic surgeon of 12 years was present and his surgeons Physician Assistant who I think has been around for at least 3/4 of the journey.

Can you guess who was which? Well I will tell you.

The doctor and PA were the optimists. They looked at Nick x-rays and talked about this being the end. Done. We’re going to miss seeing you so often kid kinda talk. The skeptic was me, the mom. I couldn’t help but think “slow down folks he hasn’t even stepped on this new foot yet”. The realist was my wise and remarkable boy.


Nick’s not being negative thinking this is not the end of big surgery. He just thinks he could have a growth spurt and that could throw something off and he could need surgery. He thinks he will hear the words some day “Well this isn’t what we expected so… surgery.” That’s been his reality.

I hope Nicholas is wrong and this is it for big surgery, still I know he will be ok if it’s not. He takes so much in stride. He’s now bearing a bit of weight but taking it really slow. We need to get him an AFO. He will eventually transition back to an insert and brace like he had before this surgery. We need to start formal physical therapy and hopefully within the next month Nick will work up to full weight bearing, full knee bending and “normal” activity. Dr. Standard did say everything looks great and that was wonderful to hear!

Here is a fun reminder and save the date for Save-A-Limb on 9/24/16. It’s such a special day for limb difference families! We can’t wait!







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  1. Another helpful article, Jennifer, for all challenging circumstances. And every reader, I’d warrant, is offering hope for Nicholas. –I know we do.


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