6 Weeks

Six weeks ago Nicholas had this big crazy surgery. Today he is in school. First days of school are always emotional for me but first days back after surgery feel like a sucker punch in my gut. Nick wasn’t happy about going back but seemed fine when I left him. Kids were waving at him. The administration seemed very supportive. The nurse will call me if he has pain.

What is there to worry about?

Everything. Just everything.

Thankfully I have other things on my mind to distract me from worrying about Nick, at least some of the time like a parent teacher conference for Bess or a doctors appointment for some hip pain I am having. Top of the alternate worry list is a last minute search for a new field placement for my MSW. I had many things tied up and planned and life just threw me a curve ball.

Six weeks from now all this stress will be a memory. I am sure Nicolas will be out of his cast and back to “normal”. I am honestly not sure what his new normal will be but all I want for him is freedom in movement and freedom from pain.

Six weeks from now I am sure I will be in a field placement somewhere. Friends and neighbors have reached out to me to try to help and have been so kind it overwhelms me. Truly. My school is trying to work it out as well but this is such a huge part of my education I have to be proactive about it.

Six weeks from now I will wonder what I was so worried about six weeks ago and honestly I will surely have new things to worry about.

One thing I am hopeful will be better is the weird sensations in Nick’s (non fibular hemimelia side) foot, they were gone this morning. That’s something!

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