Overdue Update

Nicholas is going back to school on Monday. I have mixed emotions about this but he is off narcotics and only on gabapentin for nerve pain which he began having after surgery in his right foot. He also has some weird nerve stuff going on with his left foot. Touching the top of his foot creates a burning sensation. Hopefully massaging it will help it get back to normal. Time will tell. According to RIAO its his left foot is just having an over reaction to surgery. The right had so much done it’s not unusual for nerve pain to be a thing. I just wonder when we can take him off the gabapentin. Thankfully he has not needed to up his dose.

Things have been pretty uneventful leg wise other than the nerve stuff making me nervous and sending Nick back to school making me nervous. Nervousness is nothing new with me but I know it serves no purpose. We just have to deal with what we have going on and do what we have to do. I will go in with Nick Monday morning to be sure he is comfortable and has what he needs. I think using the wheelchair will be best since he has a crazy heavy back pack and I worry about him navigating crowded halls.

So that’s where we are now. Maybe I will remember to update after Nick’s back in school. Life has been really really busy! That’s nothing new I guess.