A trooper and a camper

The new foot up close.

I am a forgetful person. It is what it is. Except when you forget that you were supposed to be giving your son calcium to help his foot heal. I forgot this. It seems like a pretty big thing to forget, doesn’t it?

Well I am not dwelling on it. I just went out and got the calcium! I could be hard on myself about it but whats the point of that? Sadly though Nick has 4 more weeks in his new red cast. This is not what we expected but he took the news in stride. He is a trooper as folks so often say.

His foot was very sensitive yesterday when the cast came of so when having it back on was a comfort to an extent.

On a more happy front Nick got to model the new Save-a-Limb shirt and plans on doing the 6 mile ride this year. The event is on September 24th. This year we may join team RIAO and not create a separate No Fibula No Problem Team. Some who know me well might suspect it’s because their shirt is red and I LOVE red. I will neither confirm nor deny this but I will add that red is Nick’s favorite color too.

I also love the design!


RIAO would not be RIAO without Marilyn and Lee! HEROES to many many families like ours!

Team RIAO really does make a difference. I believe Nicholas does too by allowing me to share his journey and by being who he is in the world. Career wise Nick’s journey has not led him to have an interest in the medical field. He is pretty set on being a chef. We kinda laugh about it. He’s going pretty far from this experience but not because it’s been negative (it hasn’t). He just doesn’t like blood or needles or any of that stuff. He is interested in food. However careers are not the the only way to use ones life or life experience. I feel like our culture gets really hung up on that.

Nick being Nick is all that is required for him to change the world and make a difference. Same as me being me and you being you. What I think is required is giving a damn and the ability to think beyond yourself. Lose yourself to find yourself and all that jazz. I think Gandhi said it first and best: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” But apparently Jared Leto said it too.


Of course there does need to be a balance. Here is a bit of a perfectly timed post from On Being: Put On Your Own Mask First: The Safety of Self-Care

It is a hard lesson, with no precise answer, particularly when the impulse to protect our babies is so visceral, so strong, and so lovely. As for the commandment of Jesus, to love the neighbor as one’s own self, perhaps to love the neighbor with one’s own self. He says: there is no commandment greater than this.

May we live up to the commandment to balance tender, loving care for those most vulnerable with the realization that sometimes it is our own selves who are also vulnerable and in need of (self)care. What wisdom, what wisdom, what life-giving beauty there is in this safety instruction.

Read the whole article if you have time.

Part of the moral of the calcium quandary is that I actually, as if often the case, have been having a hard time keeping up with self care, especially sleep hygiene (thats what it’s called now incase you think I made that up). With the kids, graduate school, my volunteer commitments, random things that come up… it’s been hard. Surgery was almost a month ago and I don’t really feel like I am back in a groove. I don’t know if I honestly ever get in much of a groove. Life just keeps shaking me out. That’s just life being life I guess. Maybe I am not as good a trooper as Nick is but I can at least try to be a camper.

Campers chase rainbows after dinner despite having a bunch of things to do…

Here is the double rainbow viewed from our dining room window.


Rainbow Hunters

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  1. ah, lovely. thanks. and yes, take care of my friend Jenn because she is important to me. and since it’s red… i probably need one of those tshirts! Sending love to all. and remember June Jordan: we do what we can, more than that what can anyone ask?


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