The Rainbow at the End of the Pot

When Nicholas and I left the RIAO a couple weeks ago after discussing the surgical plan Dr. Standard had for him I said “Nick it really sounds like this is the rainbow at the end of the pot”. I have a knack for mixing up such phrases but this one had me thinking.

The rainbow at the end of the pot as a phrase works for me because surely my son has been my pot of gold since the day he was born. His existence, his Nick-ness is golden. He’s a gift. All children are.

The fibular hemimelia journey as the rainbow might not seem as clear but it works too. Nicholas has had a lot of surgery yes but in the midst of it there are triumphs, laughter and joy. You’d probably be surprised how much we laugh in the hospital. Even in the rough moments there is tenderness, kindness and love like no other. I might whine or vent about my stress and my worry but in the grand scheme… 12 years of Nicks leg working for him with only a few exceptions is the rainbow and the pot of gold really.


Nick’s path has not been a straight one in terms of fibular hemimelia treatment but with each surgery his leg is more functional. It has always functioned. Now my hope is that it can function without daily pain. That’s is the rainbow we are hoping for.

At the moment my boy is doing really well. We are spreading apart his pain medication doses as he is virtually pain free when he’s not moving but rather sleepy. Ambulating is still difficult and painful but he gets up and does it. His strength is inspiring on so many levels.

We will all need strength for removing bandages today. At the hospital we talked about creating buttons that say “I hate tape!”. We really hate it. So many pains can be managed or lessened but tape just sucks. It’s a necessary evil. No rainbow. No pot. Just evil.


6 thoughts on “The Rainbow at the End of the Pot”

  1. Thoughts and prayers continue. You & Nick have certainly been
    Blessed with perseverance, strength, faith and a sense of humor.
    Thank you for the updates.


  2. Great Post! And tell Nick to practice different kinds of screams with the tape removal to see which ones are the most helpful… (and focusing on the screaming — exhaling — will lessen the attention on the pain.) Here’s for creative screaming.


  3. I wondered how Nick was doing. His surgery sounded . . . A bit much. Does the knee surgery require pt that concentrates on flexion excercises?
    I wonder how much more I could have done when I was his age if my knee would have been corrected then.
    I recommended to a family in the PFFD group that they talk to you about PRECICE , how it worked for Nick.


    1. PT will start on his knee 2 weeks post op. Right now Dr. Standard does not want him bending at all. We haven’t discussed PT just yet. We’ll get the scoop on the 24th. I am hoping we can meet with the RIAO PT while we are down there or maybe early the following week and get some work we can do at home. If we must do formal PT we will!

      This surgery did sound like a lot!!!! It was but so far so good. It’s kinda nice to have 2 weeks not think about his knee and just focus on recovery although he is doing exercises for his left 2x a day and that is going well.

      It was one year ago that Nick’s PRECICE was put in. It seems like ages ago in a way. I hope you are doing well!!!


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