Dear Dr. Standard

Thank you.

Thank you for being a true master at what you do. Thank you for valuing Nicholas’s foot. Even when you know it will not function as well as a prosthetic. You understand that a limbs value is not simply performance based. Nicholas’s foot has value because it is his and it works. Maybe not anything like the average foot but it can do what he needs. I have had a lot of doubts since the fall when it really started to hurt him. Today I was able to really, finally let those fears go.

Thank you for coming up with a plan. I was so relived when you said that you can address Nick’s knee and foot together. Meaning the big surgeries could really be done! When I asked how you would bring Nick’s heel down and prefaced it with “I don’t know if I really want to hear this but…”,  you knew I didn’t. Thank you for knowing Nick and knowing me. Nick can’t stand needles never mind mallets and I am so not the parent who wants the gory details. After 14 surgeries I understand that orthopedics is kinda grisly. It’s a lot of chisels, drills and screws. Not pretty… still the results can be nothing short of remarkable, life changing and beautiful!

When we met almost 12 years ago I had no idea what Nick’s life or leg would be like and while I can’t deny I would have liked less surgery in his past, I am grateful he gets the chance to take his whole leg into his future. Thank you for that. I know there are no guarantee’s but I have hope and most importantly Nicholas has faith!

Thanks to you!

*For those who asked what the plan is… here it is generally speaking: arthrodesis of foot etc., take out precice rod in femur (pain is gone so we are no longer worried about infection), reposition 8 plate and other knee fixes. staple growth plates in left leg 2-3 days in hospital, splint on right leg to start with a cast put on a week post op. Left leg will be extremely sore for one to two weeks. Nick will be non weight bearing on the right till he heals.

** And in other news I would like to challenge the prosthetics industry to make devices that can work as well with feet as they do with stumps… amputation for the sake of a better prosthetic fit could be history for many kids!