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We Are More Thankful Than You Are

I love Uncommon Sense. As far as blogs go I think this one is so beyond valuable for families of children who need assistive devices for communication but also for the way the emotions of being a special needs family are communicated. In addition it’s really just an amazing place to learn about communication and advocating for your child. 

Reading the above post this morning reminded me that I do at times feel I am part of the more thankful. I’ve written as much in this blog.  Plus there was the moment not too long ago when I saw Nicholas walk with his new shoe insert, and heard him say it didn’t hurt!!! Walking pain free is something I am certainly more thankful to witness than most. In fact I’ve seen quite a few first steps with Nicholas and I am certainly grateful for all of them. The most recent though might have been the most powerful yet.

Still I don’t think gratitude has a limited quantity or anything. One person having more does not mean someone else has to have less. Most of us could probably stand too look at our lives from a more thankful perspective. Recently I heard Elizabeth Gilbert talking about gratitude on a podcast called You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes. In it she shared some Richard from Texas wisdom which anyone who read Eat Pray Love will love: “A really lame way to feel gratitude is to compare yourself to other peoples suffering. Its lame but it works”.  It is lame. I’ve always gotten a yucky feeling when I suspect someone feels lucky not to be me. And I know it sounds nutty but I have felt it.

Anyway I have tons of thankful moments with my supposedly “typical” children too, as I know most moms do. I mean I am not just thankful for Nicks variety of first step moments…

A few weeks ago Christopher explained multiplication to me so succinctly it took my breath away. Bess will suddenly blurt out sounds and let me know what letter they go with. Charlotte was quite behind in reading just a few years ago and now is on the opposite end of the spectrum. Nicholas participated in a role playing activity at school in which he had to be the victim of bullying. He did great and really enjoyed doing it, which reminds me that no matter what his leg is up to, he has interests and hobbies that he can participate in. I’ve so often measured how well he is doing by what he could or couldn’t do physically but there is so much more to him than that. So. Much. More. 

For that fact and so much more I am so very thankful.

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