Never Say Never

What happens when your kid is on crutches and he needs new sneakers? You take him to the mall and spend $150 of course! Seriously I never thought I would buy into the whole Jordan’s thing but it seems small for Nick to ask for some pricy sneakers in the grand scheme of things. I know shoes wont make him happy but it felt good to give him what he wanted in that moment. He was shocked that I let him pick them. Totally shocked. He had been wearing the same pair of shoes for over a year. His siblings have had a few pairs in that same time span so I feel like it’s actually fair in a way. Monday we go back to Metro in Maryland to either be fitted again for his insert or get it, I am not even sure. I am just happy something is happening. Nick might be happy to be missing school.

I will update with a photo later. Right now Nick has friends over and I don’t want to disturb him! He is in his glory right now!

And in other unrelated news I had parent teacher conferences yesterday for the 3 Curley kids who do not have fibular hemimeila and all were great! Those extra fibulas don’t make Nick’s siblings any less amazing than he is! I know how wonderful my children are and I don’t need others to tell me so but boy it is fun to hear! I almost cried 2 times just listening to their teachers. Charlotte has the same teacher Nicholas had last year which is truly a blessing!

Last night I did not hand in an assignment for school on time. I never thought I would do that but life got in the way and I could not focus. So hopefully getting this out of my head will help me get it done now. I have more fun news to share but it’s too soon!!! Maybe tomorrow!