Help Please!

So far no donations have been made to Nick’s Save-a-Limb page. We have had a busy year which of course included a big surgery! We’ve not had so much time to fundraise. Plus we are still paying off our bills from that surgery… and maybe others…. eek. That’s how it goes! It’s hard to keep track after 14 surgeries and various insurance companies. Still we are so so grateful for the care Nicholas has received and support the Save-a-Limb fund has given our family! All 6 of us are registered to do the family walk on October 10th at the 10th Anniversary of the event.

All kids deserve the best care and options! I am all about parents having options. Many only hear amputation when they bring their newborn to an orthopedic doctor for the first time, and while for many kids that is the best choice, I really feel it needs to be a choice. It’s not a choice if options are not presented. Please, please read Dr. Standard’s letter linked below and then consider donating to Nick’s page.

On a personal note I am sad to report that he is back on crutches, having nothing to do with his knee which had started bothering him, or his femur lengthening which is technically still healing… Nick foot is hurting again. It seems to flare up from time to time. I have not even that the chance to reach out to Dr. Standard yet. Nicholas is taking it in stride, still some Save-a-Limb love would brighten all our spirits! No donation is too small. Please consider giving!

Dr. Standard_s Save-a-Limb letter

Nick’s Fundraising Page