Help, Thanks, Wow at the Table

Yesterday 5 Curley’s headed to Baltimore for Nick’s latest leg check. Nick mentioned that he can feel his leg turning out. At his last appointment Dr. Standard mentioned concerns about his knee. Right now we are waiting to hear back via email if it’s something that can wait a while or if I need to bring him in sooner. I also need to take him to get his brace fixed or replaced. His shoe insert and filler are fine but the brace is cracked at the top.

Overall it was an uneventful and loud visit. Four kids in an exam room, mostly having fun is LOUD!

Help, Thanks, Wow The Three Essential Prayers is of course a book by Anne Lamott. Help, Thanks, Wow at the table is our new prayer ritual for dinner time. I have not read this particular book of Lamott’s but I have read three others and feel sure I will read this one some day. The idea to use these three prayers came to mind tonight at the dinner table. For years we have been saying a particular prayer before we start eating dinner. It’s supposed to be a true moment of grace but it has become the opposite, including drone like voices or snapping at each other about who took a bite of their food before the prayer. Sometimes it’s playful and sometimes it’s grouchy. Either way it has not felt like prayer consistently for a long time.

Tonight my idea for a new ritual was for each of us to share a “Help”, Thanks”, or “Wow” moment from our day or to share one of each. We can do this while we are eating and we can take turns like we often did when we shared “Best and Worst”. I had read years ago about the Obama girls having a similar dinner ritual, and it really was a good one for a while, but that got old too.

Tonight’s “Help, Thanks and Wow’s” were great! It was so fun that the kids really got the “wow” thing without me explaining, though they mostly came up with “Thanks” to share. However they shared with enthusiasm! Not a single droning voice was heard.

Fibular hemimelia is feeling like a “Wow” prayer to me right now. Wow that Nick has come so far. I guess it’s a “Thanks” too because I am so thankful that he has received the best care possible and my only “Help” at the moment might be help letting go a little in terms of the support group. When I find myself emotionally reacting to things people share or to their reactions, I know it’s time for a break. I need help doing so but that’s a whole separate blog post really!

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