I always seem to stop posting when things are going well! So here is a post about things going well.

Nicholas finished his swim season beautifully. His back stroke was apparently close to getting him to championships but not quite there. This year he is open to swimming year round so we are going to try to make that happen for him! Like I said in another post. Fibular Hemimelia can’t stop a swimmer!

Other summer activities have included our community summer program. ACRA (Arden Community Recreation Association). It’s 3 hours a day, 5 days a week for 5 weeks. Activities have included water hunger games, adventure games, a gigantic water slide, a crazy inflated slip and slide and more. Camp always sounded kinda creepy to me as a kid. Maybe I saw too many horror movies (thanks Mom!) but for my kids camp is a great experience.

ACRA has an amazing staff which I could write a whole post on! Nick has wanted to go to camp every day, except one. That is a first for him. Truly it’s been a perfect experience for all my kids and I am so grateful to the staff, volunteers and board members who make it all go round behind the scenes. It takes a village and we are lucky to have three!!!

Yesterday we went to a water park in Rehoboth with the swim team. It was awesome for Nick to get to do everything! No limits. No pain walking around, just summer fun. My boy is free.