PRECICE Nail Procedure

Check out Dr. Herzenberg’s great video on the PRECICE. IF you wondered what was going on in Nick’s leg this spring here it is.

Yesterday we got the official word that Nick is done! I will write more about that soon, there is so much to say!!!  Long story short he achieved 5cm of length and now he is in the consolidation phase!

2 thoughts on “PRECICE Nail Procedure”

  1. I love dr.H. Stating the ages of PRECICE patients and the oldest one was 67, at least 10 years older than me. Yeah.


    1. Yesterday we got to meet Tim, the guy in the riao video using percice. I think you shared the video with me. It was fun to meet him and he was kind and encouraging to Nick. Wish we could all get together someday!


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