Nearing the finish line…

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So if my memory is correct Nicholas has lengthened 4.2cm’s. The gap is pretty easy to see! He’s near the finish line, though there was a moment of confusion about what the finish line actually is. I think it’s 5cm. Dr. Standards PA thought even legs. We will just go back Monday and get new measurements and go from there.

I got to ask my question about the 8 plate not fixing Nick’s valgus and Chris basically said there are a few ways to fix it but there is time. I am choosing to let that worry go until I can chat with Dr. Standard about it in depth, some time down the road. For now things are going so well, why not focus on that.

Nicholas also had physical therapy to check in on how we are doing at home and the therapist was most impressed. His knee is at 95 degrees. Hip was a little tight but overall all is well and we don’t even necessarily have to go back as long as things keep going well. I think Steven should switch careers and become a physical therapist. He’s doing great, although he credits Nick. PT for lengthening is not an easy thing and it is vital. Mostly I would never suggest families do as we have done but we have and it was certainly harder when Nick was younger. DIY therapy is not for most people and if Nick had not continually improved his ROM we would have absolutely gone back to the pros more regularly.

So maybe one week left of lengthening, maybe Nick will go back to school next Tuesday. Maybe we can get to 5cm complication free… fingers crossed, thoughts and prayers requested, the finish line is near!

One thought on “Nearing the finish line…”

  1. Jen-So would you recommend the Precice nail? My daughter will have 7cm of lengthening to do according to projections made by the doctors. She is at 5cm difference now.

    I see that the PT is very hard. Our specialist was totally up front about that. The external fixator and the PRECICE are our options right now. Shortening was ruled out as a team decision.

    My daugther is seven years old. We are looking into doing the PRECICE nail when she is 13 years old. She needs her femur straightened before.

    Thank you for your blog! It is very helpful!
    Corinne Garner


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