Save a Limb 10!

October 10th 2015 is Save a Limb’s 10th Anniversary. We joined our friends team Lets Help Others Walk, joining forces with our fibular hemimelia family from Mexico. Save a Limb has always been closer to our hearts and has helped Nick get the care he needs in a variety of ways. We are blessed to have the best for our son and we want to make this kind of care possible for as may people as possible.  Please consider donating or joining the team. It’s going to be a spectacular day and if you like to ride it is a great one!

Donate or Join Here

PS I am so hoping Nick will be riding this year!!! His leg should be healed by then for sure. Want to ride with him? Join the team!

AND Thank you to all who have supported our fundraising efforts over the past 10 years!!!! We love you and thank you for making a difference.

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