Video Update: Talking About Stuff & Things

Here’s what Nick was trying to show you in the video:


And for our Spanish speaking FH family:


This was requested by a mom from the Fibular Hemimelia and Limb Lengthening Awareness Group. The FH warrior label did not appeal to me at first but I was totally happy to make it for her and the other families. In fact it made me feel really happy to do it. I love our group so much but word wise “warrior” wasn’t my thing. I am more about being at peace with, living with, working with fibular hemimelia¬†but when I showed it to Nick he liked it a lot. He said “Warriors brave the storm of pain and sadness that comes with fibular hemimelia and then find their is a Silver Lining.” (Thomas the Tank Engine reference) I asked what the silver lining is and he said “That you have equal length legs and scars to prove that you braved the storm of fibular hemimelia. Like a warrior returning from war.”

So there you have it. I am off to do a web chat. Nick is doing homework and we’ll post again soon.

2 thoughts on “Video Update: Talking About Stuff & Things”

  1. Wow. leg being lengthened. I wanna know about the process! Will you share? And I like your thinking about being a warrior… and you’re doing the work you have to do! Good job. Always great to hear you tellin’ us what’s going on! Proud to watch the process! Go!


  2. Nick, we are so happy to see you are doing so good!!! Your definition of warrior is exactly what we had in mind when we started the section in the spanish page “Friday for warriors” on which of course you have been one of our stars. Keep that smile on your face and finish your home work soon so you can go back and play video games. Shigue says Hi! And all the family here send you a hug and good wishes!!!


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