Pain, Progress and Plans

Nicholas has had a little more pain today and some muscle spasms. So we are back to pain medicine every 5 hours and added Valium just once. I also took his bandages off which was rough (although his incisions looked good) and he showered with Steven’s help, which was not easy but good for him. Both yesterday and today friends popped by to visit him which was really good! Tomorrow I take him to Baltimore for follow up and physical therapy. His knee is still looking very swollen to me (and is only bending very little). If we were not going in tomorrow I would be calling about it.

Tomorrow we will get the magnet and start lengthening. It’s going to be an interesting week with Steven going back to work. Friends are bringing us meals which is a huge help. Knocking dinner off the to do list is a gift for sure. The logistics of getting all the kids where they need to be each day with Nick not completely mobile will take some figuring out. I think we need to practice stairs more so I can get him in and out without Steven home and we have to figure out shoes or put his immobilizing brace over his other brace or take the brace out (which might make the most sense)… I forgot to ask about that while Nick was inpatient. It surprises me what I forget sometimes!

I know we will figure it all out. I have a whole lot of school work that’s due over the next few weeks which is going to be challenging. I kinda think it was easier to get school work done in the hospital. 4am wake-ups ended up being productive times for me. That was totally unexpected. I did receive a very encouraging message from my professor regarding my work thus far, which is hugely helpful morale wise. I hope for an encouraging report on Nick’s leg from the RIAO tomorrow to go along with it!

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