So far so good.

Here we are having breakfast and relaxing. Nicholas had a good night although he was awake from about 3am-6am. Nicholas is beginning to be able to feel his toes. So now I feel like I am on pain watch. With the epidural, in the past he started oral pain meds before it came out so there was overlap. The block wears off in it’s own time frame. Supposedly it will not be sudden but the current nurse agreed that Nicholas might want to press his button (to release pain meds) in an hour or two. He was also given tylenol. I think it’s great that his pain management can be self directed but it is also confusing and I do not want him to end up in crazy pain that is hard to come down from. Pain management is always a big deal after surgery. I just need to get a handle on a new system. Over all I still totally think the block was a great thing.

We are hoping for a low key day! So far so good. As you can see we have a pretty great room. It’s more space than we need. Nurses have been GREAT. All is well.