“I feel like a million bucks”

That’s the update. Nicholas actually said that. We are relaxing in his room now. Surgery went great! Dr. Standard updated us when his part was done. That’s the moment I exhale! That and then the moment we get to go back to Nick in recovery. When we did he was very sleepy and peaceful. That’s pretty much ideal!

Nick’s femur has already been lengthened 2mm since the device needs to be tested after it is inserted. Dr. Standard said he used a wider rod, which will be stronger than the rod he had planned to use because Nick is such a big guy.

He has a nerve block this time instead of an epidural, which he really wanted because it means he does not have a foley and there is not a massive amount of tape up his back! In fact there is no tape on his back. He currently can not feel his leg so we know it’s still working great. He has a pump ready with pain meds as soon as he needs it. His dressings are clean so he’s not draining. All in all he’s great (knocking on fake wood).

Steven and I had a relatively easy time waiting. We got to chat with Marilyn for a while which I always enjoy. Her presence gives me peace and conversation with her is always easy and interesting. We are so at home in this place and so surrounded by kindness and good energy. From the nurses to transport, it’s all been so positive. Nick had great support this morning getting an iv while awake. It wasn’t easy but he was able to laugh through some of it, and it was one stick only. Truly he had a pro caring for him!!!

Waiting for him to go into surgery was hard as Steven and I didn’t eat or drink either. That was a mistake. Waiting for him to come out was not nearly has hard as it has been at times. His nurse kept in touch by phone. The communication helps so much.

So now it’s tv time and soon movie time. Nick’s got two sushi options for when he is ready. There is a Subway which is open 24 hours. It’s great to have an option for late night hunger.

That’s about it. Maybe Nicholas will want to make a video soon. I am waiting for him to ask to. I don’t want him to feel like he has to. I told him I would post an update so everyone knows how well he is doing!