Surgery Soon

Nothing about surgery is easy. It’s all doable from my perspective but not at all easy and I am not even the one having surgery! My goal is always to make it as easy for Nicholas as I possibly can. Today I am emailing back and forth with the school nurse. She’s a fan of Nick’s no doubt and a kind lady. It’s nice to get an idea of some of the logistics of Nick going to school during lengthening. For his last lengthening he did not go back and looking back, I don’t think that was best for him.

I think a routine and socialization can really bolster kids emotionally. Or at least I feel this is the case with my kids. Nicholas is like me and inclined to want to hibernate. A little pushing goes a long way. School offers the opportunity for others to help Nick, for him to feel supported by his community and of course learning. All good stuff really.

Sending him in will be scary. Trusting that he will be safe and careful with his leg will be hard. More letting go my friends… that ultimate motherhood lesson. It never gets old.

That’s all pretty far away feeling right now. Right now we need to get to surgery (March 24th femur lengthening in case you missed my last post). I want to prepare now but I am not sure what to do. Decluttering is on my list. Less stuff around will make it easier when Nick is in the wheelchair or walker. I am not sure a wheelchair will work very well in this house. That was one benefit of our our old house for sure!!! He could maneuver around the entire first floor in a wheelchair. The logistics of this house will be totally different.

Logistics can be really stressful during surgeries. Simple things like getting from point a to point b can be a problem. It’s all solvable though. It all works out.

Speaking of problems… I love the quote below. Fibular Hemimelia and surgery in general could certainly be viewed as problems but they have surely helped me realize what I am made of and what I am responsible for giving back. I know fibula hemimemila has helped me see what Nick’s made of. It will be up to him to figure out what is his to give back to life.

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