Surgery Requested

Nicholas has requested femur lengthening as soon as possible. We knew he needed to have this surgery within the next three years but Nick does not want to have it during middle school and he does not want to have it during the summer. His reasoning is that he is very comfortable in his current school, with his teacher and his friends. It’s a really valid argument.

I thought Nick would want as much time as possible between surgeries. Apparently that was my thought and not his. He wants as much of summer free as possible. He doesn’t want surgery during middle school at all if possible.

I knew surgery would happen in middle school so I was looking into getting him a 504plan. I figured Nick would need more accommodations in that environment.

It is hard to imagine this surgery happening soon. I’ve connect with Dr.Standards office and hope to hear back soon. This choice can’t be entirely up to Nicholas. Dr. Standard has to see if his leg is ready. Hopefully I will be posting soon with surgery plans. It’s a strange thing to hope for but I really want to support Nick in taking control of as much of this process as possible. It’s his life and his leg. I’ll make it work as well as I can for my boy.