Nicholas has been having knee pain. Nicholas has also been having ankle pain. Sitting at the RIAO waiting for Dr. Standard to see him I am realizing that I have no idea what he will say. Not a
clue what can be done for this. I don’t even know what “this” is. Is this a flare up? That’s almost the scariest possibility because it means this is how it will be for Nick. Hopefully not always but pain we can’t fix is so hard to face.

Waiting equals wondering. Today waiting is hard.

All Nick wants to do is play sports. He wants to go his last football game next week and play. He wants to start basketball soon. He wants to play kick ball at recess.

For the mom who said over and over that athletics are not everything it’s hard to accept that they are everything my son wants to do… But can’t. For now.


Saw Dr. Standard. Nicks knee clicking and pain made sense related to the nature of his reconstructed structure and the fact that he is growing. His hamstring is tight. For now we will try stretching, ibuprofen round the clock and modifying activity if he is in pain. The next step if these don’t work would be an ACL brace and if that helps then that would tell us that surgery might be the answer. I wish I could explain this all better. There is this one spot where the popping is visible on Nick’s knee. I guess his ligament could be rerouted to avoid that spot.

Nick’s ankle seems to be hurting right where he has some mobility. The mobility isn’t helping him while walking in his brace so someday surgery to stop it from moving might be the answer there. I assume that would be a fusion of some kind.

Nick complained more about the pain as we left. I told him we need to give Dr. Standards plan a chance. I can tell he’s not feeling great about it but at least he still gets to be active as long as he feels able. Steven worries that he will ignore the pain long enough to play and then pay for it later.

It was a really long day. Waiting almost four hours was unusual and frustrating. The fellow we saw apologized and said there was a mistake or something. I rushed this morning to be on time, which seems silly now. Normally I have so much patience no matter what but now I just feel achy from sitting all day and blah.

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