Update and Request

Nicks foot looked ok to Dr. Standard. That was good news. He thinks getting him his new brace ASAP will be the solution. Right now Nick is in a new air cast. It’s bigger than the one we had and it seems to be helping!

Regarding the brace he needs we are having trouble with our insurance and Save-A-Limb is going to help so Nick can get his brace now! If you’ve ever thought of donating please do so today here!!
We have been fundraising for years and always felt that Nicks care was supported by the fund. It truly has been. Today the fund is going beyond that. Nick needs this brace to be able to function and do what he wants. We know that now. Without Save-A-Limb I don’t know how long Nick would have to wait to get what he needs.

If you can please donate. Saving limbs isn’t easy and certainly isn’t cheap but anyone who has seen my active and vibrant son knows the results are priceless!!!