Please don’t make me go

Well Nick was not happy to go to school today with the walker. Now that he’s bigger it really seem like it takes a lot energy to move with that thing. Luckily we ran into the school nurse and she said she had a wheelchair that Nick could use during school. She also said he could use the rest room in her office instead of trying to navigate the other one.

Nicholas has grown up a lot since the last time he needed these accommodations. He doesn’t want the attention they bring. He’s eleven now and I think we are crossing over into a different phase. I know this is normal but I need to think about how I can help him through this. The old pep talks will not work now.

Driving to school I reminded him that the kids asking questions are concerned and mean well. Of course the questions annoy him sometimes but more so now because he felt he didn’t have an easy answer. I said to say “I hurt my leg”. Nick’s response “That’s not true. I didn’t do anything to my leg, it just hurts”.

The pain is going up his leg now by the way and he’s right. This seems totally random to him. He was sitting at his desk, stood up and the pain started.

I’ve scheduled him for the first appointment I could get in Baltimore. I will get him sushi for lunch. I will do whatever I can to keep his spirits up. Tomorrow afternoon he is supposed to be playing football. He was loving it so much. I haven’t even gotten the chance to watch him play yet!

I’ve written before that sports are not the “be all end all” but when that’s what your kid wants to do, they kind of are. Recess too is totally about sports. Nick told me yesterday that all his friends play football or kick ball during recess. I wrote to his teacher and asked that she let him stay in and either read or do something useful. The idea of him sitting out there watching the other kids play is too much.

Nicks teacher has been really kind and helpful. Just like the school nurse. I know they will do what he needs today. I just hope Dr. Standard can provide some answers and a solution of some kind. I will update after Nicks appointment.

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  1. I don’t know if it would help or not, but you can tell him that Billy has a wheelchair to use when his leg, foot or hip hurts him and there are days he needs it in school. It’s just a tool to help when needed, and not a sign of weakness or failure… (((HUGS)))


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