Awesome Update

I am typing straight from one of my kids favorite places. The cafeteria at Sinai of Baltimore. The kids are finishing their dinner. We’ve been here since about 3pm. It’s a long day but it’s what we know. Coming here on a spring afternoon means Dr. Standard has a really busy day ahead of him which means a lot of waiting for us. Waiting with 4 children has it’s moments! Luckily today we got to chat and play in the waiting area and meet some new people.

The official update is that Nick is doing great! Inside and out! His legs look wonderfully straight! His hip, knee and ankle are excellent! My only disappointment is that I forgot the printed films! I barely got to look at them because we were chatting so much.

The difference between Nicks femurs is growing. This means we could do an internal femoral lengthening in 1-3 years to keep the difference from becoming cumbersome. Then a tibia lengthening at 16 and then he’s done.

That’s the plan. Plans change and things can come up but for now there’s so little surgery on the horizon. It really was an altogether positive visit.

And the news many of you have been waiting for….
Nicholas is five feet, two and one quarter inches tall!!!
Which means he is certainly taller than me!







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