Back in the Swim of Things

Life is just moving along so fast and so fibula-drama-free that I sometimes forget to write. Nick is doing great. He may even be taller than me now. Fibular hemimelia has truly been on the back burner. Although life’s not been drama free. Nick twisted his left ankle last weekend. It seems to be better now but for a few days it was stressful.

School is almost over and tonight the kids had their first swim team practice. It was a cold enough evening for me to be wearing jeans and a sweater but the kids did their laps in an unheated outdoor pool. I really admire them!

The swim team was such a huge part of our summer last year. It was a real joy and triumph. I am hoping the kids will be as enthusiastic this year. They are really tired of school and ready for a change. I think I am too.

I hope to be posting fun swim
photos soon. Nicks also seeing Dr. Standard in the next few weeks. We are hoping for an uneventful visit and a calm summer. Fingers crossed!