Mother’s Day 2014

Last year we spent Mother’s Day at Hackerman Patz House in Baltimore. We met up with a few fibular hemimelia families and brought brunch to the families who were staying at HP. I figured there would be many moms there, most far from home, probably not getting breakfast in bed, mimosas, or a big fancy day out for their mothers day. We brought as much celebration to them as we could. By celebration I mean food and our cheerful selves.

This year we are doing it a little different. We are doing lunch instead of brunch, increasing the likelihood that we (meaning my household) will be on time and I am sharing the HP wish list which can be found here, hoping some of you will consider sending them something. I am choosing to spend Mother’s Day in service to other mothers by bringing them food. Food matters. When you are far from home and can’t just cook up whatever you want I think it matters even more.

Hackerman Patz is a special place. We have only stayed for a few days at a time but it was still a godsend to us. Many families we have connected with are not fibular hemimelia families but so much of the experiences are the same. Sending your kid into surgery, having them come out with a big hunk of metal… knowing this is just the beginning. It’s our life and I am proud to share it. Plus it’s so great to chat face to face. To feel so at home in the company of others who have been there or will be.

We are in a lull in Nick’s treatment. No surgeries are on the horizon. I am so grateful for that. I know what it’s like to know otherwise. I don’t know how much moms who have not been there can imagine that part. Staring down the years knowing that surgery and recovery and who knows what will be coming. It is a gift for me to be free of that right now and I can’t help but think of the moms who are still there and I want to be with them and share with them.

If you would like to help please consider sending items to HP, making or buying some yummy food and sending it with me to Baltimore or join us! Anything you can offer to make this mother’s day brighter for the families at HP would be greatly appreciated.



How will you let your love spill over on Mother’s Day?


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