Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awarenss Month: Help Kayla!

Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awarenss Month: Help Kayla!

From Kayla’s Mom “Although the journey is difficult (difficult is actually an understatement because it is more than difficult) we have also had many blessings along the way…. We have been blessed with meeting many different people and with being able to see how brave our little ones can be…. It is awesome to see not only my daughter but other children learn to walk with these conditions…. It seems like it will be so difficult for them and it is more difficult for them then for children who dont have these conditions but they always figure it out…. they always find a way when it seems like there is none…. The resilience of these children is truly amazing… I thank GOD for everything HE has done and all HE has helped us through and I thank HIM for Dr. Standard and all of the staff at The Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics in Baltimore Maryland…. I also thank HIM for the many families we have met and for the many friends we have made along the way…..

This fundraiser has been started to help get Kayla to Baltimore Maryland for a surgery she needs on her leg. the money will be used for Gas, Food, Lodging, Medicine for Kayla and any other expenses that may occur such as vehicle troubles or any emergencies…. If you count the times Kayla has been put to sleep for her fixator removals which are considered surgical this will be Kayla’s 5th surgery on her left leg…. She will need more surgeries in the future as well… Any and all donations are appreciated and any and all prayers are appreciated as well… Thank you and GOD Bless…. “