Fibular Hemimelia Forever

Looking forward to summer!!!!

No Fibula No Problem


Tonight Nicholas got an award for most improved swimmer (10 and under). This award was based on improving your times. While Nicholas might not have looked like a winner in terms of meets individually (he was often in last place but altogether the team was the division campions!!!!), he was absolutely a winner in the way that matters most. He worked hard and he improved. I think he had fun too.

I don’t know how much his leg affects swimming, Nicholas once said “Fibular Hemimelia does not matter in the water”. I suspect it does matter some. His foot not flexing must matter. Or I would think so but I am not much of a swimmer so feel free to correct me.

When he started swimming his knee was still clicking. Nick has his second eight plate which will help what is called dynamic valgus. The first few days of…

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