Advancements happening in Baltimore

Smaller Precice means access to internal lengthening for more kids with fibular hemimelia as well as other limb differences. Nick will have internal lengthening if the tibia and femur in a few years. He’s in a real lul surgery wise right now and we are so grateful.

Nicks doing great, in case you were wondering. He finished his extracurricular basketball season,
started swim lessons at the YMCA again and looking forward to swimming with the Arden Sharks this again this summer. He’s still waiting or his new brace, as part of the trial, to be ready. He snapped the first one but we are still so exited to be helping create something to help kids with FH grow into adults with great functioning limbs!

One important afterthought: the Precice won’t eliminate external fixators. For one thing it can only do straight lengthening so so it can’t be used on a bowed tibia. And some doctors prefer external fixators for the super ankle surgery itself. The important thing is new methods and options are becoming available! Who knows what the future will bring. 10 years ago this was a dream and now it’s reality.

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  1. This is great… and as always, you’re looking forward, not to just works for Nick, but for what works for other kids… And I’m so happy that Nick is generous and willing to teach. proud of all of you. love you too!


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