My Golden Age

I think I have hit the golden age of parenting (or my personal golden age) and I think I have said so before. My children are 10, 8, 6 and 3. We have been diaper free for over a year. I can’t remember the last time I nursed or gave a baby a bottle (which I do actually miss because I won’t ever stop loving babies). We tossed all sippy cups a while ago. We are safely out of baby/toddlerhood but not into the teen years yet. There is less labor involved in the day to day, keeping everyone alive basic care. What adds and extra layer of glow here is that Nicholas is fibular drama free.

Realizing things are changing, I talked to Nick about this blog and the content I share. We have discussed this every now and then. I don’t want to violate his privacy so I asked him what I could share. There is often not much going on Fibular Hemimelia wise and I like writing about motherhood and life in general. Nicks not so much on board for that, at least not if it’s about him. “You can write anything about my leg but that’s it. I don’t want you to share my personal life.”

I totally respect his choice. I don’t want his classmates coming here and reading about his struggles or challenges and bringing it back to him. I love that sharing has helped Fibular Hemimelia families but with Nick being in a lull treatment wise there is less to share about him.

Back to my golden age. It’s a snow day here. The view from my living room window is gorgeous. It’s afternoon and I have barely seen my children. I can hear them but they have been playing together all day, totally occupied. This isn’t anything unusual but I feel so much appreciation today. I appreciate a hot cup of coffee and a moment to write. I understand that life won’t always be this way. I know not all teenagers end up hating their parents but knowing rougher waters could be ahead makes me revel in the peace and playful joy that is a snow day today.


***I have begun to feel like its much more au courant to write about how hard motherhood is so we can all commiserate. Motherhood isn’t easy but I think there is a point when negativity encourages negativity much more than understanding and self acceptance (which I think is the intent of the motherhood is hard posts). Maybe I am alone in this but frankly if you are spending most days counting the hours till bedtime, I think it’s worth reevaluating your parenting philosophy. I know my golden post may read as Pollyanna-ish but I have shared the hard moments too and I believe it’s worth sharing joy as well.

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    1. Excellent point. I am now surrounded. The quiet is over but I got to write that whole post! My cuddling skills have been requested to put a stuffed bunny to sleep. I feel so known and appreciated. I can do this! 😉


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