Desperate Times

Nicholas was feeling really lousey this morning. He’s never happy to get up and go to school really but today was the worst. He wouldn’t speak to me. He tried to get back in bed after he got dressed. I had to convince him to eat. 

I, on the other hand, was determined to be positive and kind. I have always said that I am not a morning person but I figured if I put that thought out of my mind, downed a cup of coffee, put on some groovy music, I could fake it. IT WORKED. I beleive I could have passed for a morning person, and had I not been trying to be positive, Nick’s awful mood would have turned me into mean morning mommy. 

By the time we got to the bus stop he was still miserable and I was feeling sad. I always hated going to school. I do not want this to be his fate. So I did what almost no other depserate mother would or could do. I burped the alphabet. 

IT WORKED! He smiled. Burped some himself and got on the bus seemingly feeling much better. In fact I just recieved a call from him letting me know he would be staying after school to play basketball because his team needs him. This is his first game since he had surgery and I am not even sure if he was able to attend any practice because of surgery but he sounded happy on the phone. 

I have seen Nick in school and he seems fine once he is there. His teacher has not observed him being miserable. Although I was really good at suffering in silence as a child myself. I really never tried to think about school differently. I did’t usually do well. Nick gets all A’s so I know it’s not academic stress. I think he would rather be home doing his own thing and I can’t balme him for that. So my quest to make him think differently about school will continue. I hope I don’t have to burp every day to make him smile but if I have to I will. Desperate times call for despreate measures and a little grossness in the morning is a small price to pay to brighten his day.