Friday the 13th

This Friday, the 13th of December, Nicholas will have his 13th surgery. Dr. Standard will remove his current eight plate. It’s outpatient and should be short and sweet. Or as sweet as any surgery can be.

Nick and I are going alone, as we have done many, many times in the past. I worry as he gets older (what I really mean is BIGGER) about going it alone. I can’t even come close to carrying him now. I will just pray we do not need to make any stops on the way home.

Some might suggest Steven take him instead of me but I can’t consider that as an option. I have always been there for surgery. Always taken him into the operating room and helped him go under. It might sound selfish but I know that its also important to Nick to do things as we always have.

The only thing that is really upsetting Nick about this surgery is that there is a basketball program starting at school and he will miss most of it. I don’t think he’ll be running and jumping for a few weeks.

So today begins a crazy week for our family. Today Nick has a party to go to, tomorrow his pre op physical, other family appointments like the dentist and orthodontist, 4 meetings for me in the evenings (including my first as part of the Parent Advisory Council at AI DuPont), an after school excursion to hunt for candy canes at a potato chip factory (and see Santa!), prepping a community dinner for 80+ people (which is Saturday night and my mom’s sauce is the centerpiece), Nicks first concert as part of the school chorus, and of course actual surgery Friday!

This past Thursday Nick and I participated in a web chat with Dr. Standard. Nick offered to answer questions. He didn’t take many but he really enjoyed it. I am always impressed with his knowledge and outlook. He even came up with a new slogan, “Motionless Feet Unite”, for folks with fused ankles like his.

My boy is just living his life and doing what he wants. He knows that not everyone can do that. Each surgery moves Nicholas closer to the light at the end of the tunnel. Although, in many ways, he has always been there. He’s almost always been active and happy. If that’s not the light, I don’t know what is.