The Girl With Two Fibulas

I try to keep the blog topics fibular hemimelia related, so I don’t end up sharing a lot about Nick’s siblings. Charlotte came home with a work sheet called The Back to School Times, same as Nick did (which I may have only shared on the Facebook group and not here) and hers is no less beautiful.

Words that describe her: artist, friend, sister, nice, runs, swims, fun, family… Favorite things to do: art, swim, see my cousins… Things she’s most proud of: Swim trophy, girls on the run, not crying on the first day of school (she is way braver than me) & making friends. Something special about me: I am on a swim team. This is the art work from the back of her paper which she wants to finish when she comes home today. 

Artwork from the back of Charlotte's work sheet

Charlotte is all of those things and more. Right off the top of my head, I would add beautiful and smart… I think I need to tell her these more often so she will list them too. Then again I like that she might not have listed them because she does not see those as the most important things… I may be overanalyzing, just a little bit.

This work sheet is another glaring reminder of how powerful the swim team experience was this summer. It gave Charlotte so much confidence. I still choke up when talking about it. After my last swim team post, which was so well received in our community, I had to cut conversations short, because I really would have cried. I was so proud of my children and grateful to our community and the swim coaches!!! My kids are so proud to be Arden Sharks!!!

While Nick received and earned the trophy for most improved, Charlotte went the farthest emotionally for sure. She would not put her head in the water at the start and by the end she was going off the diving board! She conquered her fears. I was chatting about it with another swim team mom (who supported us a whole lot this summer) just yesterday. I knew I was not the only parent who enjoyed watching my children transform, still it is wonderful to hear.

Charlotte is so compassionate. Apparently having two fibulas does not hinder compassion one bit. I thought Nick had cornered the market there due to his experience having fibular hemimelia. Though that’s not really true. Charlotte has always been empathetic and kind, always thinking of others.

Charlotte asked last night if she could bring two snacks to school each day for afternoon snack because there is a classmate that never has one. She said that she and some other kids share with her but she would like the girl to have something of her own. She also noticed a boy in class only eats two containers of applesauce for lunch and was really worried. It turns out he has a sandwich and chooses not to eat it. Charlotte had really wanted to bring him a sandwich because she believed he didn’t have one.

That’s my girl. I could go on. I will post about her again in the future. I think it actually does help fibular hemimelia families to see that siblings of fh kids do well too. Even in a big family like ours. It might be hard at times (which Charlotte has let me know) but over all, just like with Nick, I believe that fibular hemimelia gives more than it takes.

2 thoughts on “The Girl With Two Fibulas”

  1. As always a really wonderful post. Give Charlotte a big hug from us SI Curleys! Actually give all the kids one 🙂
    You should consider compiling these one day to publish it as a book 🙂 I know I look forward to reading them, I know others do too!


    1. Thanks Sebby! That means a lot coming from you. I’ve actually been discussing publishing Nick Can Kick and a general FH info book with another mom. Plus Nick started a novel! I am so exited that he loves to write too.


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