Couldn’t you just…

Fourth grade began on Monday for Nick. It hasn’t been an easy start but I really didn’t expect it to be. We are working on some of the reasons it’s hard but also just working on talking about his feelings and I keep pointing out that its the beginning and things will change. Trying to help him understand that it won’t always feel the way it does now isn’t easy.

Kids on the school bus were asking him about his leg on the first day and that annoyed him. I think it’s because he is nervous in general. I told him he could give a quick answer and leave it at that. Kids will be curious.

The oddest thing he said was that a girl in his class was asking him about his leg and said “couldn’t you just get a plastic leg”. Nick replied “That may be an option for most people but not for me”.

Holy cow I think that’s an odd thing for a kid to say to him. It came up because I said school is like surgery, we don’t have a choice, so we make he most of it. And he said “No its not. I didn’t have to have surgery I chose to have my leg. Some people choose plastic legs”.

I always call prosthetic’s prosthetics because I want to encourage respect and not make it sound like a prosthetic is just a piece of plastic. I know there is so much more to it than that.

The plastic comment prompted me to ask why he would say that. Nicholas didn’t seem upset necessarily. It’s hard to tell sometimes. I do like his response though. He clearly sees himself as involved in the choices that are made. The fact that he feels he chose to keep his leg is great and interesting to me.

So right now school is the thing. He had some left leg pain today that my Aunt said sounds like growing pains. Hopefully that is all it is. He doesn’t go back to the RIAO till December and much as we love it there we do not want a reason to go back sooner.

Here is a collage of Nick playing basketball on vacation last week. He is wearing a black shirt.



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