RIAO here we come!

Taking Nick to Dr. Standard today, just the two of us, and he is so excited! I am too. He’s done so well this summer I just want Dr. S to see how happy he is and of course I want to hear that all is well from his perspective too. I still worry that we could hear something is wrong even though its so unlikely! Ah fear. Can’t ever get rid of it 100% but overall today is just a fun day! Tiny road trip, cafeteria visit, RIAO folks and Nick and I get to spend the day together. Is been a while since we did this.

I’ll update later with the latest films. I am really hoping Nicks eight plate can stay in a while longer! Don’t even want that tiny surgery to mess with Nicks life right now!

Here’s a picture of Nicholas running around at the playground last week. It’s been a happy summer!


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