Miles for JP

Tomorrow a member of our fh family will have his first surgery. His momma has shared their journey and offered support to others even though she’s had fears for her own son. I admire that so much. Before Nicholas had his first surgery I don’t think I had anything to offer others.

Its hard to have a baby, find out they need extensive surgery and then wait! Waiting is so hard. There is a lot of time to question and wonder. For JP and his family the waiting is over. Tomorrow his journey begins.

Tibia straightening and super ankle will be the first step. There will be others, miles worth in fact and I hope they are as easy as is possible for JP and everyone who loves him.

I always say the easy ship sailed when we had babies with fibular hemimelia. But easy isn’t the most important thing. I look back on some stages in Nicks journey and I wonder how the heck we got through it! But those moments are so few and far between compared to the joy!

I hope that JP and family can find their own ways to make the most of the hard times (maybe sushi wont be JP’s fav) hold on to each other and reach out when they are in need (we are here for you), and never forget the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s so bright (just like your sweet Jonathan)!