Panic, Paralysis and Paranoia

Yesterday Nicholas started having pain in his left foot (non fibular hemimelia foot). This is likely some normal thing but I seriously panic anyway. For one I worried that his gait being off might have had an impact on his foot, he’s also started swimming a lot now that he is on the team and taking lessons, and I worry that having pain in his left will cause him to overuse his right and cause problems there.

Nothing is simple. This morning I felt a little paralyzed. I sat and wondered what to do and for a while did nothing. I thought of calling the riao, seeing a local doc or going to urgent care. I emailed  Dr. Standard’s physician assistant last night, wrote some posts on the fh and limb lengthening awareness Facebook group posted to my wall, and finally just called the RIAO and left a message because at that point Nick was scooting around on his behind (causing panic to begin) because I would not let him hop on his right foot. If it was the right I’d have him in Baltimore already. It’s like playing orthopedic detective trying to figure this left foot out. 

Now its around one o’clock and Nick seems much better. He’s walking around the house and saying it only hurts a little. Did I overreact this morning? Maybe. Maybe he did too. We just don’t know what to do with non fh leg issues and worrying about how they will impact his fh leg just feels like it makes the stakes higher. And makes me just a little paranoid that something will go wrong! 

Maybe all is well. I have no idea. We will see what the RIAO says. For today we are taking it easy and hoping for the best. By “taking it easy” I mean staying in and being driven quietly mad by the children’s crazy noise from being cooped up on this gorgeous day! Maybe I should change the title of this post to Panic, Paralysis, Paranoia and Pandemonium!