What one missing fibula can do.

Yesterday I posted our Save-A-Limb fundraising page. It feels early to me to start fundraising for an event in October but other teams have gotten started and I wanted to create a No Fibula No Problem team early so other families can join us and represent fibular hemimelia.

I registered Nick for the one mile walk figuring that is something our whole family can do for sure. Nick donated $10 from our family and when the donation was entered it gave the option to do it in honor of someone. I decided to ask Nick if he wanted to do this and thought he might just say no or as me who to pick. Instead he said he wanted to walk in honor of kids with fh who can not do the walk because of their leg. 

There were times during treatment when a one mile walk would not have been possible. Thankfully for most of his life I believe Nick would have been able to do this. The times when he could not stand out for him at times. He knows that there are kids who will be in fixators or casts or for some other reason wont be able to do it. He knows what it feels like to not be able to move around. This respect and empathy that he expressed in choosing walk for this purpose touched my heart. Nicholas is the kind of person I always wanted him to be. The best thing that could come out of his having fibular hemimelia is just that… Empathy, Compassion, Kindness and Love. He is strong because of what he has been though but he is also sweet because of what he has been through.

And by the way Charlotte likes to draw (actually she likes all arts and crafts) and she would like to sell her drawings for 10 cents a piece and give the money to children’s hospitals. This was her idea a few months ago with no prompting from me. She has such a big heart! Seeing Nick go through surgeries has had a positive impact on our whole family. I am so proud of my children! They want to give and help and support others. Watching them grow into these awesome people is a true gift. Maybe they would be exactly the same without fibular hemimelia in our lives…Image we’ll never know.

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  1. You should curate a group of her drawings, make notecards and sell them as a fund raiser. I’ll help figure out logistics if you want.


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