Tall and Humble

Thats what Nick called himself recently. We were discussing teasing and bullying and he said kids in school use to go to him for help because they knew he was tall and humble and therefor would help them. It was a really sweet conversation. Nicholas is a seriously compassionate boy. He’s not the tough guy type but he would not stand by while someone else suffered. I am so proud of him. 

On the tall front Nick was worried today. He came to me and said “Mom I don’t think I am growing much anymore”. I asked why and he said because he still does not need a shoe lift he must not be growing. I pointed out that his lengthening surgeries can stimulate natural growth from the bone that normally grows at a significantly slower rate. He was so excited about this. Another good thing to come out of surgery. 

Truth is he will see Dr. Standard next month and for all we know it may be time for a lift again. The fact that he has gone without one since the last fixator came off is awesome no matter how much longer it lasts. 

On a personal note I have connected this week with a few new fh families. Wether they have tiny new babies or kids like Nick I feel such a kinship with them. I am so glad people come here and feel comfortable reaching out to me. Nick is also proud that sharing his story helps others. He still believes he is the most famous kid in the world with fibular hemimelia. He still sees so much positive in the hard hand he’s been dealt. In fact he said he wanted to have a surgery soon so he could go back to Sinai and so he could get a new video game. He’s too much.Image

Thanks for the awesome pic Aunt Tara!