Stumbled upon this today. One year ago. Wow.

No Fibula No Problem

5.7cm!!!! We could have continued and gotten to the 6cm goal but Nick said enough and what he says goes. He’s not having any pain really and he certainly isn’t taking any pain medicine. The pesky pin site infection seems to have cleared up just fine. But Nick just wants to get to the healing part of the process. He wants to go back to school. 5.7cm, plus a straightened tibia and a reconstructed ankle is pretty wonderful. Nick’s working hard and it is important for him to have a say in this. We’re a team and I like letting him lead the way when we can.

Next week he’ll have a small surgery with Dr. Standard to get the bottom portion of his fixator off and his foot will be free! He says the foot part is the most annoying so this will make him very happy. He’ll also…

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