“Mom, lets go talk about my surgery fears.”

Thats what Nick and I just did. We sat in my bed and I asked him what his fears were. He said the surgery itself and cause he wakes up with surgeons he does not recognize. He asked to see Dr. Standard after surgery this time but I am pretty sure Dr. S goes from operating room to operating room and cant exactly sit by Nick and wait for him to wake up ; ) Thats my job.

So without being able to take this fear away I asked Nick what he thinks we could do to help with fear and he said “think of ways to make the most of it!“. We came up with 10!

  • We get to be together.
  • Video games at the hospital!
  • Getting to eat and drink whatever we want. (He has no idea that there are drinks I would want that I cant actually have at the hospital).
  • The awesome hospital rooms. Spacious! Massive TV! Giant sleep chair for moms!
  • Hackerman Patz!! Getting to stay across the street from Sinai the night before surgery is awesome and Nick loves it there.
  • The snack vending machine at Hackerman Patz.
  • Video games at Hackerman Patz.
  • Getting to sleep as much as we want in the hospital (he has no idea that this is not at all true).
  • Getting to play Minecraft with Charlotte even though we will be far away.
  • Having his new kindle fire to use at the hospital and the hospitals wireless internet. I’ve been grateful for that one for a long time myself.

So that’s todays list. By the end of the list making Nicholas was tickling me and laughing and smiling and I was reminded of how insanely lucky I am to be the mother of this most amazing boy!!!!

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