No Fibula No Problem?

So much on my mind as I type this. Nick has been having some random pain. It’s mostly gone. There is a hot patch on his leg. Basically right in the middle of his leg in an indent created by a few half pin scars it’s warm to the touch. Not swollen, not red, very slightly tender and warm. These things had me on the phone with Allison from the RIAO almost in a panic. Talking it out with her we both decided Nick was probably and justifiably hypersensitive after all he had been though. After I hung up with her I realized I was probably hypersensitive too.

All the excitement of the previous day created a kind of hangover and then to have Nick in pain created a bit of panic. Of course I was worried that there was an infection brewing or something equally horrible. My chest tightened. I became short with the kids. I ate 1/2 a pack of twizzlers in 3 minutes.

After talking to Allison I was calmer but still had this tightness in my chest. I am really worn out on worrying. Really. Nick is too in a way. He basically was insisting that we go to Dr. Standard even though I said he was fine because his point was “I wasn’t fine before and we didn’t know”.

He is right. We are dealing with the fear of the surprise surgery. Thinking all was well and done and then getting hit like a ton of bricks. Maybe we are in a similar place Nick and I.

Right now Nick is not to jump or run but he is still walking. Generally he’s got to take it easy. He was calmer today. There were some conversations on Facebook in the Fibular Hemimelia and Limb Lengthening Awareness group about the fact that it is “fibular hemimelia” but it’s really the tibia that sees all the action surgery wise. If someone has a fibula it essentially goes along for the ride. For whatever reason that stuck me as interesting.

When lengthening the tibia the fibula has to be cut and it is connected to the tibia. No pins and wires are in the fibula but it is pulled apart as well. Literally going along for the ride. Anyway sometimes it does not reconnect but for some people it is a non issue. It is ok to have two pieces of fibula not connected. For some people it is a problem which made me feel like Nick is kind of lucky to have no fibula to worry about at all. No Fibula No Problem.