Leg lengthening number three is over!

Nick’s leg is healed. His arm is healed too. In the words of Dr.Standards PA Allison, Nicholas is “super healed”.

Super healed!

No more braces or boots!

Super healed!

His right foot even grew too big for his summer shoes. I can’t remember his right foot ever outgrowing a shoe before his left. It’s pretty amazing.

It was a happy RIAO visit… my boy didn’t want to leave. He was enjoying the cable tv and he made another friend with a broken arm. I guess it’s not such a coincidence at an orthopedic clinic but it’s funny to me. Nick was a little sad not to get to see Dr.S (he was in surgery) but he said “I really like Allison. I mean I like her like a friend”. I think he thought I thought he meant romantically. LOL

I have waited for this day since January when the mega fixator was put on. I have dreamed of hearing that the bone was finally healed and it’s here. Nicholas is so happy. He was running down the hall at the the RIAO.

Without the boot on his gait is off but it still feels funny to him to walk barefoot. We’ll give him time to adjust and get physical therapy down the road if needed.

I am listening to the kids playing and need to put them to bed but at the moment, in addition to feeling elated I am exhausted! The emotions of the day, the drive, it all wears me out. What a great reason to be super tired.

Super Healed!

If I had the energy I would write a love note to the RIAO! I am already thinking of doing something special for the all the folks who saw Nick through this. It takes a village (and one wizard of a doctor of course). I can’t name you all but so many people helped us get through this (almost a full year of ups and downs).

Thank you!